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Panasonic have introduced a washing machine with a "curry" button

Why has it taken this long?

Panasonic have introduced a washing machine with a "curry" button

If you have ever had a curry, which you have, then you’ll know how goddamn difficult it is to get out of your vest once you’ve spilled it all over yourself. Chances are, you’ll chuck it in the wash and it still won’t come out – you need something extra, something specific that will solve this problem once and for all.

You need a “curry” button on your washing machine.

Thankfully, Panasonic have come to the rescue, and invented just that. So far, it’s just for the Indian market, but the nous behind the idea cannot be denied. It supposedly took two years of testing before the perfect cycle was created to sufficiently remove curry from clothes – they took into account exactly what ingredients went into a typical curry and then worked out the optimal water temperature and wash time for the specific cycle.

Finally, the washing machine we've always needed

They’ve also introduced other modes on their washing machines that work for problems particular to the Indian market, like a special cycle just for removing hair oil.

Interestingly, only about 10% of households in India have a washing machine, with most people doing their washing by hand, but Panasonic told the BBC that it’s already sold 5,000 units, so it’s hoping that things will change in the future.

But it’s not just India that Panasonic have their eyes set on – they’re planning on rolling out other country-specific washing machines, too.

So presumably there’ll be a “Soy Sauce” button for China, a “Pizza” button for Italy, a “Sauerkraut” button for Austria and a “Jizz and Tears” button, specifically for me.

[Image: Panasonic]