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Paintings From Plane Windows

Paintings From Plane Windows

Paintings From Plane Windows
Danielle de Wolfe
06 October 2014

Here’s a batch of new artworks which take landscape painting to bold new heights. Literally.

For designer and painter Jim Darling has not only captured some wonderful landscapes, he’s gone and observed them the window of a Boeing 757: night or day, snow or rain, the terrain is all gratifyingly varied.

What’s more, it’s authentically detailed, reminding us exactly how it feels like to glance down at the earth and its ant-like activity from thousands of miles above, as well as the dread of being asked to put the blinds down.

The ingenuity of this idea should come of no surprise to fans of Darling, whose career background includes design work for MTV, Coor’s Light and other major brands.

We can’t imagine carry-on baggage restrictions will do any favours for artists hoping to lug an easel aboard, but we do hope this new art form takes off…