'Overheard in London' is the hilarious Instagram account that pokes fun at the capital's idiots

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Gary Ogden
'Overheard in London' is the hilarious Insta account that pokes fun at the capital's idiots

It’s happened to you before: you’ve been sitting there on the tube, minding your own business, when you “accidentally” overhear a ridiculous conversation. Suppose you had better listen to the whole thing, and then tell your friends later - it’s what a normal human would do. Or even better, put it on the internet for some of those “like” things that everyone bangs on about - reckon you’ll get a sod-load.

This is exactly what Angelenos Jesse Margolis, a reality TV executive thought, when he set up the Instagram account Overheard LA, in which he documents the stupid things the denizens of Los Angeles have said in public.

He told the New York Times that he started up the account after hearing two women in West Hollywood “having this long, rambling conversation that led from egg freezing to put bills.

“I wrote it down and posted it. Instead of the usual 12 likes, it got 30, and a screenwriter friend of mine said, ‘You have to do a page!’”

So he did, and that lead to a spin-off in New York, and now finally to one in good ‘ole London, which already has over 68,200 followers, which is way more than I’ve got, just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, enough riveting backstory, here are some of the best posts:

I mean, sure, some of them on there are so didn’t happen that it almost hurts, but there’s a good chunk of genuinely funny ones. Give ‘em a follow here.

(Image: Clem Onojeghuo)


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