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One of the greatest shows of all time has finally landed on Netflix

Prepare for reality altering viewing (on one side of the Atlantic)...

One of the greatest shows of all time has finally landed on Netflix

It's official, arguably one of the greatest television shows ever made has landed on Netflix.

Forget Mad Men, House of Cards and The Wire, it's Lost that now has our undivided attention - and for all the right reasons.

The mind-bending show about a bunch of plane crash survivors on a mysterious island has long been hailed a masterclass in telly writing.

Its twists, turns and mind-boggling finale - which left many asking 'wait, were they dead the entire time?!' - has long divided audiences.

But now, you'll be pleased to hear you can relive the brilliantly bizarre cult show all over again, as all 6 series crash land on the streaming service.

The downside? For the moment, it looks like the deal only extends to viewers in the US.

However - and this is a HUGE however - fans outside the US can still catch the show, quenching their thirst for the island by subscribing to Disney+.

September marks 20 years since the first episode of Lost dropped on ABC - with the rights to the show now owned entirely by Disney.

It's a series that follows a group of plane crash survivors who travelled together on Oceanic Flight 815, only to find themselves stranded on an unknown island that harbours dark and mysterious powers.

As the group are seemingly picked off one by one, a mysterious force that watches over the island wreaks havoc on its poor, unsuspecting new inhabitants.

With peril lurking at every turn, the island's malevolent dark smoke, violent locals known as “The Others” and the existence of a giant, never fully clarified polar bear add another layer of jeopardy to the show.

Survivors of the initial crash include Jack Shepard (Matthew Fox), surgeon Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly), fugitive James “Sawyer” Ford (Josh Holloway and a swindler by the name of John Locke (Terry O'Quinn).

Now, according to What's On Netflix, the new Netflix deal will reportedly keep the show on the streamer until January 1, 2026.

That gives audiences a huge 18 months to enjoy every twist and turn.

Audiences were once forced to wait a week for new episodes of the show to drop after being left on tenterhooks by the show's sublime writing.

Now, though, you can catch all six series in one place - and that place is Netflix.