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This graphic of Nutella's ingredients will ruin it for you forever

Nothing you love can survive.

This graphic of Nutella's ingredients will ruin it for you forever
17 February 2017

For years, Nutella was the only spread I liked: in sandwiches, on toast, on bagels, on little cupcakes, on those little French cupcakes, on pancakes, thin or American. It was hangover food, a safety net. A hazelnut spread that would never let me down. And… it… was… good for you? Apparently, so went the advertising spiel which harped on about calcium and vitamins with healthy children having their hair ruffled at the dinner table by their healthy parents. 

And now this shit.

Fuck Nutella.

German consumer centre Welt released the above graphic in early January, but it wasn’t until some Reddit bod called Mr. Flow let rip on the social news aggregator that everybody lost their shit. 

Nutella’s “healthy” status has always come from its purity: containing just five ingredients might not sound so bad but when you consider that half of it is sugar and another considerable portion of it is palm oil – which some claim can cause cancer – it really starts to take the edge off. 

And you know how you always sneak a spoonful into your gob when you walk past the tub and then lick the spoon clean and whack it in with the other dishes and hope nobody will be any the wiser? (We saw you) Well, buddy, the jig is up: 

As per Insider

According to its nutritional label, a jar of Nutella has 21 grams of sugar per 37 grams of spread (two tablespoons), meaning that in reality more than half is sugar.

Twenty-one grams – that’s the same weight as Dr. Duncan MacDougall, an early 20th-century physician, said the human body lost when the soul departed the body at death.

We’re not sure what that indicates but you can work that bit out for yourself.

(Main Image: Flickr / TOF2006)