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Nintendo is working on a super futuristic Game Boy

It sounds amazing. Literally

Nintendo is working on a super futuristic Game Boy
08 July 2016

Remember the first time you turned a Game Boy on? The satisfying clunk of the plastic switch, the little "Bing!" that emanated from the single grilled speaker before it pumped out a delicious 8-bit tune?

Well Nintendo looks to be working on making that sensory delight even more powerful, with the emergence of a patent for a handheld console with the most insane sound skills you've ever heard.

The patent, spotted by the keen eyes of Gamespot, describes the handheld’s audio system as incorporating a nifty vibration system. A vibration unit, positioned between the two main speakers of the handheld, would allow the case to vibrate in a manner that “sounds are emitted toward a side of a player who holds the information processing apparatus.”

So, in addition to probably rocking the stereoscopic 3D screen of the current 3DS, this handheld would also have 3D sound, with noises apparently coming from your left or right without the need of headphones – awesome for more immersive gaming sessions, awful for everyone else trapped on the same bus as you.

Does it link to the mysterious NX console that Nintendo is refusing to give any information on? We've no idea - though the latest mutterings on their main console would appear to include some level of 3D integration. This handheld device could be an awesome portable controller for the main console, or just a replacement for the 3DS. We'll have to make do with the Wii U for now...

[Via: Gamespot]