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Everyone’s mocking Nigel Farage on Twitter for his latest ridiculous stunt

This was almost too easy

Everyone’s mocking Nigel Farage on Twitter for his latest ridiculous stunt

Ah, Nigel Farage.

The human manifestation of a burp that smells of Twiglets.

The first man to consider Toad of Toad Hall a fashion icon.

The sentient Top Gear mixtape.

The family member who buys all his relatives homemade action figures of himself in army uniform.

The man who was born when someone dropped a cassette tape of the Dambusters March into a vat of Bombardier.

The super-size gecko mould filled with unmixed gravy.

Or Nige, to his friends.

Nige and his friend. His one friend

The Zazu of politics has been getting his annual war hard-on, watching Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and urging ‘every youngster’ to do the same.

He shared a picture of himself in the cinema, alongside a poster for the film, but he was soon made to regret his choice of photo.

You might be wondering why. Well, here’s your answer.

By posing next to such a large poster, he left the picture open to the whims of the Photoshop-happy internet.

Sure, he claims he was promoting Dunkirk, but how can we know whether that was the real photo, or whether the original was in fact this…

Or indeed this…

Maybe this is what he was going for...

It might have been another film altogether, of course…

By now, we can probably narrow down what Farage really wants us to see…

Still, at least those who worked on Dunkirk are pleased to see him fighting their corner.


(Images: Twitter/Rex Features)