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Nicolas Cage is screaming his head off again in the first trailer for 'Mandy'

A Nic Cage fever dream, if that's the kind of thing you want

Nicolas Cage is screaming his head off again in the first trailer for 'Mandy'
28 June 2018

Nicolas Cage is an acquired taste, and you’re lucky if you’ve acquired it, because you’re in for a wild ride. Particularly of late, where he seems to have completely and utterly embraced his wackjob persona and gone fully buckwild in two particular movies.

The first was Mom and Dad - which is absolutely worth watching, should you be wondering - and the second, the upcoming Mandy, which looks even more unhinged.

Don’t believe us? Feast your as-yet-untainted eyes on this:

This seems like a new level of weirdness for Cage, and we’re fully on board with it -  anything in which Cage seemingly spends the majority of the runtime screaming is worth it in our book.* 

The movie follows a couple whose home is invaded by an insane cult - one of whom appears to be wearing a suit made of nails, natch - which, in the process, kidnaps Cage’s lover. As such, it’s down to him to grab the world’s longest chainsaw and cut a screeching swathe through the forest on a gory quest for revenge. Yes, please, charge it straight to our chequing account, thanks.

The movie comes from visionary director Panos Cosmatos, who directed the equally psychedelic horror film Beyond The Black Rainbow, although he appears to have gone down a slightly more linear and accessible route with this one, here.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see - it could be an absolute barrel of incomprehensible nonsense - but let’s pray it’s not. There’s no UK release date set yet, but it hits cinemas in September in the US, so it shouldn’t be too long after. GIVE. US. MORE. CAGE.

*Our book being The Big Bumper Book Of Nicolas Cage Screaming Bloody Murder For The Majority Of The Runtime

(Image: YouTube)