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Couple open rusty old box in their garden. Turns out it’s crammed with $52,000 worth of treasures

But did they keep it?

Couple open rusty old box in their garden. Turns out it’s crammed with $52,000 worth of treasures
21 May 2018

If you have a garden (lucky), then chances are there’s a box of some kind in it, stuck on the wall somewhere. You have never opened it, because why would you ever need to. The gas and water men do that, there’s no reason for you to get your hands dirty. 

But actually, maybe there is, because there could be, you know, about 39,000 quid in it. There could also be a dead cat or something equally traumatising, but it’s worth the risk for the dollar, we say.

The reason that opening your gross garden-box has become such a viable option is because a couple over in the US, in New York, had a very similar container sitting at the end of their garden. They simply left it alone, thinking it was full of electrical nonsense, until a load of deer ate away the foliage covering it and they decided to have a look inside. They spoke to CNN about their discovery, which was thankfully very light on dead cats:

“Hundreds, jewelry, diamonds, engagement ring. Dozens of rings, gold with jade. It was stunning,” said Matthew Colonna-Emanuel, one of the lucky sleuths.

But that wasn’t it, there was also a piece of paper with an address on it - an address that matched one of their neighbours. Matt said:

“I knocked on the door and I asked them if they were ever robbed and they said they were.”

Obviously they would say that, but the New York Police Department confirmed that a burglary was reported at that very house back in 2011, and the only thing that was taken was the safe, including the $52,000 worth of property housed inside.

So they gave it all back. Maria, Matthew’s wife, said “It wasn’t even a question. It wasn’t ours.”

“The reward is karma. Good karma,” added Matthew.

There’s no word on whether the neighbours let them keep any of it as a reward, but they should, right? Even just a couple of hundred. They gave it back - you thought you’d lost it all, but now you have it again. Give them a reward. And not just a cake or an invite to a BBQ, like, money - give them a grand of your stupid money that was left in the removable safe. Give them a necklace. An engagement ring. Give it all back, everything, give them the whole lot back - it is the only way to show your gratitude.

Then everyone gets good karma, don’t they?

(Image: Matthew Colonna-Emanuel/YouTube)