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A new Twitter update has given a lot of people what they were crying out for

The Twitter update we should never have needed

A new Twitter update has given a lot of people what they were crying out for
Tom Victor
27 September 2018

Twitter has changed a lot since we started using it, and not always for the better.

Plenty have called out those in charge of the social network for their attitude towards white supremacists, while at the other end of the scale there were complaints about changing ‘Favs’ to ‘Likes’.

There have been arguments about changing the layout and usability of the network at the expense of tackling what some consider more pressing concerns.

Still, at least they stopped people changing their name to Elon Musk, right?

Well, we do now at least have some good news for those of you who are sick of all the changes: Twitter is letting you improve your experience by… returning to what it was like before they messed around with everything. 

It might be enough to keep the social network the preserve of the good, bad, and the Pope subtweeting the President - you know, what we liked about it to begin with.

Not that long ago, Twitter gave us the option of seeing “the best tweets first”, based on its algorithm. This was great for accidentally seeing replies to people you’d avoided following for a reason, or replying to a days-old post under the assumption it had been posted mere minutes ago, but less good for anything even vaguely practical.

Now, though, Twitter has fixed all of the problems by allowing us to return to the chronological timeline.

As explained by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, when you opt not to see the ‘best’ tweets before all others, your timeline will return to a chronological list of tweets from folks you follow, just as God intended.

It means you can actively avoid the ‘In case you missed it’ updates, and tweets from those you don’t follow won’t show up in your timeline.

If nothing else, it’s good news for those of us who spend every waking minute on Twitter and don’t like seeing the same thing twice while endlessly scrolling.

What’s that? Oh, no, the Nazis are still there, and perhaps even more visible than ever before. Still, baby steps, right?

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