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New Super Mario Movie trailer lands... we're getting Mario Kart!

The long and winding Rainbow Road has been unveiled.

New Super Mario Movie trailer lands... we're getting Mario Kart!
Marc Chacksfield
30 November 2022

Ever since it was announced that Chris Pratt was providing the voice for Mario, and seeing the backlash this caused, we have been a little hesitant in getting hyped for the Super Mario Bros Movie but this latest trailer has put pretty much all our fears to rest.

There is no doubting that the makers of The Super Mario Bros Movie are playing fan service where they can and this is apparent in the trailer for the film.

If you don't want trailer spoilers, then head straight to the trailer now.

First we get Donkey Kong fighting Mario - a nod to his very first adventure - then we get more Bowser, Luigi finally talking, a glimpse of Super Mario Racoon and the jump-for-joy moment at the end, when it's clear we are going to get a Mario Kart race of some sort, taking place on none other than Rainbow Road.

Yes, Christ Pratt's voice is still a little strange coming from the plumber - and hearing Charlie Day as Luigi really made us think they've missed a trick not having his Always Sunny co-star Danny DeVito as Mario - but this is one seriously good trailer, with animation that has really nailed the hyperreal look of Mushroom Kingdom.

Unlike the first look at Sonic The Hedgehog, which prompted an about-turn in its look and no doubt many 'crunch' hours for poor animators to get the blue hedgehog resembling what it looks like in the game, The Super Mario Bros movie seems to have captured exactly what Mario is from the off and we can't wait to see more.

The Super Mario Bros movie stars the voices of Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Seth Rogan and Jack Black and is set for release 7 April 2023.