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This new drinking game can blow Cards Against Humanity out of the water

Time to change up your next house party

This new drinking game can blow Cards Against Humanity out of the water

If you’ve been to a house party that’s begun to get stale, chances are someone has suggested a game of Would You Rather.

But what if your organised fun could be even more organised? What if, instead of using your own stupid brain to come up with scenarios to choose between, you could read them off a piece of card.

Well, you lazy lot are in luck, because there’s now a Would You Rather-style party game on the market, and frankly we’re surprised it’s taken this long.

Called ‘Pick Your Poison’, it sees one player (‘The Judge’) combine two cards to create a choice for one of their fellow players, while everyone else also silently chooses between the two options.

For example, The Judge might force their friend to decide whether they’d rather fart every time they kiss someone, or be required to steal from every tip jar they see. We’re not making up ridiculous ideas – these are genuine ones from the game.

As explained on the Amazon page for the game, “Votes are revealed and points are tallied by The Judge. The Judge wins when players disagree, players win when they vote with the majority of other players”.

It’s essentially a cross between Would You Rather and Cards Against Humanity, the self-described ‘party game for horrible people’.

The first version of Pick Your Poison retails at £20, and includes 350 poison cards. That naturally makes for countless different combinations of card from which players can pick their poison.

There’s also a ‘NSFW version’ of the game, which costs the same amount and includes the same number of cards.

The difference is that these cards include things like ‘Participate in a nursing home orgy’ and ‘Draw a penis between your first and last name every time you write your name’.

Just going to leave that there without any further comment.