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Some of your apps won't work in iOS11 - here's how to find out which ones

Some of them will 'slow down your phone' and cause other software issues

Some of your apps won't work in iOS11 - here's how to find out which ones
19 September 2017

The new iPhone is here, and it looks really good. So yeah, the most expensive model (not actually sold by Apple, to be fair) is £53,000, which is really quite a lot of money, but the lowlier, non-made-of-literal-solid gold versions are much more in price range. 

But even if you’re not splashing out on a new model and are sticking with your rubbish old iPhone 5, you’ll still be able to update to iOS 11. The system has plenty of cool features - a way to save more space if you have a 16Gb brick, moving emoji, improved voices for Siri and a new ‘do not disturb’ feature that activates when the phone detects you’re in a moving vehicle. All of which sounds good. 

And amongst all these other, more exciting things, the update includes a final switch from 32-bit apps to 64-bit apps - which basically means that apps that haven’t been updated recently might not work. 

And if you don’t have any of these apps installed but you still want to check which apps are going to work, luckily for you Apple has built a tool into iOS11 to tell you what will and won’t work with the update (N.B. you need to be on iOS11 latest version to see it).

Just go to settings -> General -> About -> Applications and you’ll find the full list. You won’t be able to do anything about it, but deleting the apps will speed your phone up and stop it from freezing. 

The full list depends on what apps you already have installed, obviously, but Apple has already confirmed that the following apps won’t work on iOS11:

  • A bunch of games, including XCom: Enemy Within and, tragically, Flappy Bird
  • A few Disney apps (Winnie the Pooh Puzzle book, Tangled digital book and the Princess & the Frog app, all of which I hope you only have on your phone if you actually have children
  • American Express’s Amex app for iPad
  • A bunch of Penguin Books apps for kids, which again I hope you only have if you have your own