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This Map Shows Worst Places To Cycle In London

This Map Shows Worst Places To Cycle In London

This Map Shows Worst Places To Cycle In London
Danielle de Wolfe
21 September 2015

A new interactive map that tracks every London traffic collision over the last decade has been launched.

The map - which can be seen as a heat map above (the darker spots being the most accident prone areas) - has been created using police data collected between 2005 and 2014 and lists all traffic incidents, including those that were fatal.

The tool allows users to search different categories including drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and taxi passengers. It’s also possible to limit your search results for adult or child road collision victims. You can check it out at

The purpose of the map is to make road users more aware of the areas most likely to be at risk of crashes, and prevent further injuries and fatalities.

The collection of data has been drawn from the same sources used by TfL to asses areas most in need of added safety measures and could be a valuable aide for residents to lobby for safety improvements in their own neighbourhoods.

View the map here

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