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New Google Chrome extension changes pictures of Trump to kittens

Make America kittens again

New Google Chrome extension changes pictures of Trump to kittens
12 January 2017

Sick of hearing about Donald Trump’s nonsensical ramblings? So is everyone. We already know he’s going to probably destroy the world, but do we really need to see that blonde mop and pouting lips every single day?

No, we don’t. Not anymore.

A new Google Chrome extension called Make America Kittens Again will change every picture of President Elect Trump to a cute, adorable feline.

Although it won’t change the images on social media sites such as Facebook (but to be honest, there’s a lot worse things than Trump on FB, like your old mate’s incredibly racist posts), but it will change them on major news sites like ShortList, Buzzfeed, NME, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and the BBC, which makes Trump’s cabinet choices a hell of a lot less worrying.

Why has someone gone to the trouble of doing this? Well, the description from the makers is pretty clearcut:

Replaces images of Donald Trump with kittens, because seriously, f*** that guy.

Replaces Donald Trump with kittens. Because:

​​​​​​​A) Trump is a disgrace

​​​​​​​B) Kittens are lovely, and

​​​​​​​C) I couldn’t find a Creative Commons photo of a blobfish to use

There’s only a set amount of kittens though, so you might see the same furry angel more than once. But if that’s the biggest problem in your life, then we really envy you.