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Netflix's new number one show gets rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

This one is not for the faint hearted.

Netflix's new number one show gets rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating
Marc Chacksfield
09 April 2024

A new Netflix show has arrived that's perfect fodder for those looking for a sci-fi/horror tinged binge watch. Called Parasyte: The Grey, the show is live-action re-imagining of the popular Parasyte manga series.

It's got a fantastic writer-director behind it. Yeon Sang-ho is best known for his fantastic zombie movie Train To Busan and its sequel Peninsula. He knows how to create terror on the big and small screen - he also made the superb Hellbound - and is the perfect person to bring Parasyte: The Grey to life.

Plot wise, Parasyte: The Grey focuses on a group of mysterious alien parasitic creatures take on a human host, kill them, and turn them into shape shifters. The Crown, it is not.

The show has gone straight to the top spot on Netflix - according to FlixPatrol - and has achieved the rare feat of having a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score. It has to be caveated that only a handful of reviewers have been logged so far but we can't see the rating dipping too much when more reviews come in.

This is what the reviewers are saying about Parasyte: The Grey...

Netflix's new number one show gets rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating
Image Credit: Netflix

"Parasyte: The Grey is a great extension of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s manga, while also being a relevant piece of art that comments about the times that we are living in." (Digital Mafia Talks)

Decider reckons: "It keeps things relatively simple, given it’s an alien-invasion story that basically comes close to being an apocalyptic tale."

Ready Steady Cut notes: "The hype is understandable, since the show comes from Yeon Sang-ho of Train to Busan fame, and uses the premise of the Japanese source material as a backdrop for a new story set in South Korea."

While The NME writes: In highlighting a more grounded approach to human nature – the way he did with previous works like Train to Busan and Hellbound – Parasyte: The Grey does succeed in its own right.

All six episodes of Parasyte: The Grey are streaming now. This is ShortList's pick of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix right now.