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Netflix's dark comedy TV series achieves a perfect review score

A comedy about stalking sounds unlikely, but it really works...

Netflix's dark comedy TV series achieves a perfect review score
Andrew Williams
17 April 2024

If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, you should absolutely consider Baby Reindeer, one of the best-reviewed shows of 2024 so far.

The TV series has achieved the rare feat of a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score, and also a great 83% rating on Metacritic.

What’s the difference? Rotten Tomatoes reviews count as fresh if they equate to 60% or above, while Metacritic uses an average of actual scores.

But what is Baby Reindeer? It’s a show based on a comedy special-meets-play from Richard Gadd, who also wrote and stars in this TV adaptation.

Gadd plays Donny Dunn, an aspiring writer and comedy performer who has a female stalker, played by Jessica Gunning.

If you’re wondering how this can be made into a hilarious comedy series, that’s an apt query. This is serious stuff, and Baby Reindeer is based on Gadd’s own experiences of stalking.

It’s suffused with darkness but — yes — it is still meant to be funny. This isn’t a breezy watch, and it is not meant to be. As The Guardian review says, Baby Reindeer is a “borderline horror.” Enter with an open, and perhaps prepared, mind. Here’s what the critics said.

The Guardian’s 4-star review describes one of the eps as “one of the most disturbing and upsetting episodes of television I have seen in a long time. I suspect it is also extremely important that what it depicts is depicted, and examined and explored, on screen. Come forewarned and expect to be rattled.”

Ready Steady Cut gave Baby Reindeer a near-perfect 4.5/5 score, and makes the show sound like a must-watch. “It provokes its viewers. It catches you off guard by mixing comedy with overwhelming darkness. It’s a hidden gem and a shiny one at that.”

The Evening Standard gave the show 4/5, and was largely positive, but says “Baby Reindeer is not for the faint hearted,” as a warning. “Gadd has certainly done something fascinating with Baby Reindeer, however much of a tough watch it may be.”

Decider’s review advises us all to “stream it” rather than leave it, and also manages to make Baby Reindeer sound more approachable than most other write-ups. “Baby Reindeer is a very bingeable show because it’s funny while being incredibly dark, and it doesn’t take the easy way out when it comes to its characters.”

Baby Reindeer is made up of eight episodes, and came to Netflix on April 11. Each episode is around a half-hour, apart from the particularly hard-hitting episode four, which is 45 minutes long. While it's not close to the most-watched show globally, it is currently the most popular Netflix show in the UK and no. 3 in the US. Give it a watch.