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Netflix to offer one of the best games ever for free this month

Got a Netflix sub? You'll soon be able to play a BAFTA game of the year...

Netflix to offer one of the best games ever for free this month
Andrew Williams
06 March 2024

Netflix’s games service is already packed with bangers, and it will get another indie classic later this month, Hades.

The pre-registration page for Hades has already gone live, while the game will be available on March 19.

There’s one bit of bad news. Hades's mobile port is for iOS only, with no word of an Android version coming.

“We appreciate the interest though we have no plans for additional versions of Hades at this time,” says Hades developer Supergiant Games’s website.

The iOS port, playable on iPad and iPhone, was made in partnership with Secret 6, a developer that also worked on the iOS port of Monster Train.

Netflix to offer one of the best games ever for free this month
Image Credit: Supergiant Games

Hades is usually played with a gamepad controller, but this iOS version has “fully customisable touch controls designed for this latest version,” according to Supergiant Games.

Missed Hades first time around? It was one of the most beloved games of 2020, and won the BAFTA “best game” award that year.

You play as the son of Hades, Zagreus, as he fights his way up through the Underworld to reach freedom.

It’s a roguelike where the levels, and the weapon upgrades you receive, change each time. But with each run you learn more about the story, and unlock new abilities to give you a better chance of victory next time around.

The actual action plays out as an isometric hack and slash fighter/shooter. You have to survive waves of enemies to make it to the next room, then the next floor, of the Underworld.

Hades is a blast, although we can imagine this one working better on larger-screen Plus and Max iPhones, or iPads, as Hades can get pretty hectic.

Other brilliant games available on mobiles through Netflix include Oxenfree, Bloons TD 6, Into the Breach and Death’s door. Don't sleep on those free games.

All you need is a Netflix subscription. You’ll be asked for your login details after you download and run the game.