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Netflix picks up canceled action TV show with huge 93% Rotten Tomatoes score

Will start streaming soon...

Netflix picks up canceled action TV show with huge 93% Rotten Tomatoes score
Marc Chacksfield
21 December 2023

Netflix has secured the rights to Warrior, the fantastic martial arts crime drama that's based on an idea by Bruce Lee.

The show has had a three-season run at Max, but Warner Bros has decided to end the show after three seasons. Thankfully, Netflix, according to Deadline, has picked up these seasons in a co-exclusive deal with Warner Bros.

Plot-wise, Warrior is based on a concept by the late Bruce Lee. Set in 1870s San Francisco, martial arts master Ah Sahm emigrates from China to find his sister, only to be forced to work for Chinatown gangsters.

Even though the show has not been renewed, getting it on Netflix is a huge, positive move. Across Max, HBO and Discovery there are around 97 million subscribers. This is dwarfed by some 247 million that are paid subscribers to Netflix.

Netflix picks up canceled action TV show with huge 93% Rotten Tomatoes score
Image Credit: Warner Bros

Warrior is a huge critical hit, too, with a fantastic 93% Rotten Tomatoes score. The audience score is even more impressive, at 96%.

Salon says about the show: Warrior is a good time, satisfying anyone who appreciates intricate fight choreography that emphasizes the physicality of its actors.

Vulture notes: The notion of whiteness as a provisional condition is rarely addressed on American TV, and it's fascinating to see it placed front and center on a show where characters kick each other through walls.

IndieWire reckons: Warrior has its charms and much like a Chinese "Peaky Blinders" or "Gangs of New York," it's best when it leans into mankind's reaction to corruption and injustice.

IGN writes: Warrior is efficient, energetic, and enjoyable; It's American history brought to vivid life with so much punching.

Fans of Warrior will be hoping that this Netflix news means that it will be renewed. While there could well be a chance, we will have to wait to see just how popular the show is on Netflix.

Executive producer and daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee, is excited by the Netflix move, though, saying in a statement: “If anything can be said about Warrior, with Bruce Lee in our corner, our indomitable spirit is REAL! And so, my wish is that the huge global Netflix audience LOVES Warrior and from that Love more goodness flows – in the form of greater recognition for our talented cast and crew who deserve all the things, in the form of passionate fandom for this relevant kick ass show and, if I dare to dream, in the form of an opportunity to continue our story for our amazing fans who, thanks to Netflix, will have grown in number and enthusiasm!”

Warrior will land on Netflix in February. Until then, head to our WatchList to learn about all the new shows and movies you should be watching.