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Watch the trailer for excellent-looking Netflix thriller 'Hold The Dark'

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Watch the trailer for excellent-looking Netflix thriller 'Hold The Dark'
22 August 2018

Two films you should see if you haven’t already, are Blue Ruin and Green Room. Both are directed by the maestro Jeremy Saulnier, and both are intensely violent, gritty thrillers that’ll knock those socks of yours, right off. And hey, he’s got another one coming out, it’s called Hold The Dark, and it looks just as bloody good as the other two.

This time Saulnier has teamed up with writer Macon Blair (who starred in both Ruin and Room) to create a Netflix-only movie that follows a hunter who arrives at a remote Alaskan town to kill the wolf that murdered the child of one of the residents. Only once the father of the child returns home from war, things take a decidedly creepy and - this is Saulnier, remember - mega-violent turn.

Here’s the trailer:

This will be good, you know, you can trust us on that. It’ll be a very peculiar situation for old Jeremy to let us down with this one, right here.

The film also stars Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale), Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood), Riley Keough (Logan Lucky), James Badge Dale (The Departed) and writer Macon Blair doing himself a bit of acting, too.

It hits Netflix on September 28th, which incidentally, can’t come soon enough.

(Image: Netflix)