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Netflix has a new number-one show - and it's 100% on Rotten Tomatoes right now

Fantastic new superhero show is not to be missed...

Netflix has a new number-one show - and it's 100% on Rotten Tomatoes right now

Netflix has a brand-new sci-fi offering that's gone straight to the top of the streaming charts.

Supacell is a new UK superhero offering that's set in the depths of south London, following five black Londoners who develop extraordinary powers.

Created by Rapman – whose epic journey starts and ends in south London via Hollywood – the director's breakout moment came in 2019 with the release of box office smash Blue Story.

The creator's latest release builds on his distinctive storytelling to unravel a brand new kind of superhero - and is a supersized hit, topping the Netflix charts - according to FlixPatrol.

“I call it a superpower story,” said Rapman in an interview with The Guardian.

“Everyone is out for themselves. They’re very much flawed, ordinary individuals. No one’s got capes on. No one’s trying to save the world.”

Netflix's brand new superhero drama is the UK's answer to Marvel

It's a show that tackles hard-hitting topics that disproportionately affect Black people - from hard-hitting human trafficking stories to extreme surveillance operations.

It also captures a host of intertwined life stories from across one south London community, transforming the traditional superhero archetype into a relatable, grounded sci-fi offering.

“If me or you get powers, would the first thing we’d do be to stop a bridge falling in China? Probably not," he told The Guardian.

"We’re probably going to figure out how to use this to advance ourselves and our families."

It's a show stars Tosin Cole as a south delivery driver named Michael, who's poised to propose to his long-term girlfriend played by Adelayo Adedayo.

Andre, played by Eric Kofi Abrefa, is hoping to reconnect with his son, while Tazer, played by Josh Tedeku, is a small-time gang leader on a south London estate.

Sabrina (Nadine Mills) plays a nurse in search of a promotion, Sharleen, played by Rayxia Ojo, plays her realistic sister who prepares her for a less than positive outcome.

And then theres Rodney (Calvin Demba), an ambling and misguided weed dealer who's just trying to get by.

Collectively, this hodgepodge group of London locals experience a truly out-of-this-world phenomenon when they're suddenly gifted with powers.

“It’s about time,” says Cole of Supacell transforming London’s Black experience into the world of sci-fi.

“We should have already had something like this, but there’s no more perfect time like now. So I’m excited to be in something of this scale that hasn’t been done before, especially in London.”

Described as an "superpowered self-reliance that an outsider status can create," we're ready to sit down and delve in.

Supacell is available to stream on Netflix now - and currently has a full 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.

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