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Watch the trailer for Netflix's latest sci-fi flick, 'Extinction'

Oh no! Aliens! Duck!

Watch the trailer for Netflix's latest sci-fi flick, 'Extinction'
12 July 2018

Netflix hasn’t had the best time of it when it comes to sci-fi, for every absolute banger like Annihilation, there’s a stinker like Mute or Tau, so it’s all up in the air as to how good their next one will turn out. As such, they’ve gone for a title as close as possible to Annihilation, and will be releasing Extinction very soon.

The movie follows Michael Peña, playing a bloke who has terrible nightmares of an alien invasion, only for all of it to actually come true (even though nobody believed him!), making him the person in the best position to figure out how to survive it all.

Here’s the fun trailer:

The film also stars Lizzy Caplan and Mike Colter, as well as some people in make-up playing big aliens, probably. Much like Annihilation, the film was also set for a cinema release, but things didn’t work out and it was picked up by Netflix - although this is definitely not a bad thing, as Natalie Portman’s sci-fi proved.

We’ll find out which end of the quality spectrum Extinction lies when it hits Netflix on July 27.

(Image: YouTube)