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10 outrageous burgers you can enjoy around the UK this National Burger Day

Patty up a storm with Mr Hyde

10 outrageous burgers you can enjoy around the UK this National Burger Day
21 August 2017

We feel the same as you. ‘National’ days can be looked upon with a sneer but occasionally you can pull us into ‘celebrating’ our favourite foodstuffs with apblomb.

Especially if they’re making a song and dance about the almost universal adoration of burgers – yes, that’s right, this Thursday coming is National Burger Day.

And something that actually sets #NationalBurgerDay apart from the rest of the #NationalDays is that our brothers at Mr Hyde have been beavering away to sort you, the gentle burger-eating public, out with 20% off at over 1,000 burger purveyors across the country.

All you have to do is pop yourself over to the dedicated burger channel at and sign yourself up to get a voucher.

But because 1,000 is a hell of a lot of restaurants, we’ve rounded up a few of the highlights below, or take a look at Mr Hyde’s handy burger map to find your local.

Take a scroll, you might just find yourself drowning in #burgerporn.

Get 20% off at the nation’s biggest burger restaurants including:

Special burgers for #NationalBurgerDay

These are some of the special burger offerings, created just for National Burger Day

The Decadent One

The Steak Tropez at Haché

Gorgeous costal town on the French Riviera? Guaranteed sun and beautiful people? Nah, not for me, mate. I'm alright. Just gimme a tenuously linked burger and I'm alright. The Steak Tropez "transports your taste buds to the South of France". How? Isn't it obvious? A 6oz Haché steak burger, topped with freshly fried zucchini straws and butterflied garlic prawns.

The Mad Cheesy One

The Cheese Louise at Blues Kitchen
Oh, you better rub your eyes theatrically. You better give yourself a Macaulay Culkin Home Alone cheek slap. Because someone, some absolute mad man, had the cojones to dare to slap a 7oz beef patty, BBQ sauce, a ton of cheese, red onion and tomatoes between… hold… hold… hoooold ­– NOW! – two mother freakin’ cheese toasties. Driver, stop the planet, we’d like to get off!

The Filthy One

The Dirty Jack by Dirty Burger
The chief muckyboys at Dirty Burger – the grand architects of greed, grease and oh-my-god-what-did-I-just-do guilt – inviting all the lads in for a huge upset-the-neighbours party spesh. You like Monterey Jack cheese? Course you do. Open wide for a double dose, as well as beef, chorizo, piquillo peppers, toms, pepper mayo and a potato bun.

The Swanky One

The Nordic by Aster
This posh little temptress is going to try its best to convince you to politely knife and fork your way through its fit-for-a-duke venison haunch, cold smoked reindeer, juniper berry and thyme goods. Do not succumb to the siren song! You must resist! Grab it with both hands and filthily paint your face, your fresh-on-today jeans, and Aster’s very pleasant walls with this thing of beauty.

The Spicy One

The Lava Lava by GBK
And just like that, Boombastic by Shaggy is in your head. A burger getting into your skull and making a right piggin’ mess. And y’know what? We’re not even mad! How can we be, when the very thing that’s committing such a foul act is so damn beautiful – a 6oz beef patty sensuously massaged with jerk rub, smoked Applewood cheese, jalapeno relish, mango slaw, and chipotle mayo.

The Crossover One

Gizzi Erskine's Gizzmo at Byron
Gizzi deserves maximum respect as a one-woman crusade against the sanctimonious edge of the clean-eating movement. And what’s this? A beef burger collab stuffed with Welsh rarebit, Barber’s cheddar, smoked Applewood cheese and stout. Hear that sound? It’s a million dust'n'kale rice cakes crashing into a million dustbins.

 The Ungodly One

Burger Pizza at Patty & Bun
"Right, yeah, so it’s been a rough 12 months but me and Pete have come up with something that’s going to shake this damn industry to the core… so like, yeah, we’re going to make a burger that is also… a pizza". Sure, Enfield Business Council weren't quite ready for your pitch, so thank god himself that Patty & Bun have teamed with Yard Sale Pizza to make this a reality. The Holy Pepperoni Pizza deconstructed to patty form? We’d say don’t tell the boss… but you are the boss!

The Messy One

Houston Slopper at Red's True BBQ
Houston… we have a problem. Your best Carhartt double-stitch baggy polo is no more. But sympathy is limited. It was you alone that decided to slap your chin into Red’s Houston Slopper, a bacon cheese burger covered in cheese sauce, slathered in Brunswick Chilli and dusted with grated cheese. No, it’s not "gone now?". Yes, your eyelashes are still covered in it.

The Nostalgic One

Chuck Burger at The Jones Family Project

Wait. You might think oxtail the flavour of grandmothers still remembering the Blitz shakes, but friend, the game done changed. Just look at this eight-hour slow-cooked monstrosity: oxtail, beef tomatoes, oxtail stock mayo and sesame gherkin. Now tell us again how "oxtail is sooooo 1942". Didn’t think so.

The Goaty One

Goat Burger at Ben's Canteen
Goat's cheese leaves its natural habitat, the Hampstead summer street party, to get crammed inside a goat patty. Salty, tangy, sharp – what more can a burger fiend ask for. Somewhere, in a tasteful Muji bowl alongside pimento-stuffed olives, feta quivers and awaits the same fate.

And if you can’t get enough of special burgers, you can vote for a gone-but-not-forgotten Honest Burgers special to return to its rightful place on their menu in October right here

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