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NASA cuts live stream from International Space Station after this appeared

We don't know what to make of this

NASA cuts live stream from International Space Station after this appeared

Now, don't look at us like that.

We are not suggesting we've just stumbled across proof of alien life attempting to contact humans via YouTube. They'd use Facebook, obviously.

We just felt compelled to show you the following footage, captured by the live stream of the International Space Station. Something pops up on the horizon, just to the left of the triangular 'arm', before the feed blanks out. When the cameras start streaming again, the thing has buggered off.

Compiled by UFO hunters Secureteam10, their logo alone draws all the conclusions you need: ALIENS!

Which is ridiculous. UFO sightings are credible - in that any flying object that's unidentified fits the bill of being a UFO. The moment you spot something nipping about the skies in an unusual manner you don't need to leap to the dramatic conclusion of little green men sticking probes up Texan rears.

Various US aircraft, including the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, have been described as UFOs in their past - aircraft the military wasn't about to confess to owning, allowing conspiracy theorists to form their own opinions.

While the above footage is almost certainly some form of lens flare or reflection form the ISS, the added element of the video cutting out makes for an oddly compelling story. Is NASA is pissing off some other US space project by accidentally capturing their hardware on camera?

Or maybe the Independence Day marketing stunts are bigger than we imagined?