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N64 classic Turok is getting remastered

Night Dive Studios are stuck in the past. Which is a good thing.

N64 classic Turok is getting remastered
08 December 2015

Night Dive Studios are stuck in the past. 

Which, for video gamers moaning on about "The good old days" and that "They don't make them like they used to", is brilliant.

Responsible for an upcoming remake of System Shock 2, the re-release of F-19 Stealth Fighter and an extensive list of forgotten titles, they've just shown off screens of their latest polished gem - Turok.

The dino-hunting title of 1997 was wildly praised as one of the greatest shooters of the N64, pitting shotgun-wielding players against numerous prehistoric horrors in gore-soaked battles. Night Dive's remake is set for a PC release, with tweaked graphics and a smoother play experience.

We can't wait - but we'll have to, as it's yet to receive a release date. Check out their full list of available remakes here.

(Images: Night Dive Studios)

[Via: VG247]