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Musician Prince dies aged 57

Musician Prince dies aged 57

Musician Prince dies aged 57
21 April 2016

The musician known as Prince has died today aged 57.

Emergency services were dispatched to the singer’s Paisley Park compound in Minnesota at 9.43 this morning, where, according to Carver County Sheriff's Department, the man known to friends and family as Prince Rogers Nelson had passed away.

Questions over the Purple Rain star's health had already been raised following a medical emergency on 15 April, which forced his private jet to make an emergency landing and saw him hospitalised. Ever the showman, he appeared at a concert the following day, telling reporters he had been battling flu.

Sadly though, it appears all wasn’t well and another great is gone.

In a year that continues to take the best from us, the multifaceted performer joins the likes of Harper Lee, Alan Rickman and David Bowie as cultural giants of the like we will never see again.

Born in Minnesota to a jazz singer mother and pianist father - and named after his father, whose stage name was Prince Rogers - he would go on to have the sort of career most could only dream of, selling millions of records, winning Grammys, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Purple Rain – based on the album of the same name which we suspect will get a good bump up the iTunes chart this week. Deservedly so.

More news when we have it but for now why not take a moment and appreciate one of the finest artists to ever pick up an instrument (or ten).

Goodnight, sweet prince.

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