Mum tries to surprise daughter at college, gets it spectacularly wrong


We’re guessing we weren’t the only ones that woke up on Sunday morning, checked our Facebook feeds and instantly fell into a fit of panic, despair and frantic phone calls to our mums.

Thankfully, the non-stop “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” posts flooding our social medias last weekend were all coming from across the pond (ours was back in March, panic over). The special day is precisely why US mother Deanna Pilling wanted to surprise her daughter last week with a secret visit to her college dorms.

Only, it didn’t exactly go to plan.

Deanna snuck into her daughter Mckenna’s room, tucked herself into bed and sent over a quick snap, smiling broadly at her cunning plan and awaiting a reply along the lines of "OMG Mom! Ur here! Ur the best!". That message never came. 

Yeah, wasn’t her daughter’s room, was it. Instead, this was the text she got back. 

The monumental fail has since spread across the world, getting picked up by the likes of Good Morning America and raking in a whopping 16,000 re-tweets.

Deanna Pilling - the mother of all cock-ups. 


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