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The most popular Christmas ad of 2017 has been named, and it's not John Lewis

The top three is full of surprises

The most popular Christmas ad of 2017 has been named, and it's not John Lewis

The John Lewis ad might be the most hotly anticipated Christmas advert almost every year, but it wasn’t the most popular this time around.

This year’s ad, featuring Moz the monster and music from Elbow, picked up a lot of fans on social media.

However, as far as social interactions are concerned, it barely cracked the top 10 this year in terms of popularity.

According to data from 4C Insights, the John Lewis advert brought a ‘social lift’ of just 54%, placing it 10th on the list.

Social lift is described by 4C as “a measure of how much more likely a consumer is to engage with the brand on social media after seeing its TV ad”.

It essentially compares social media engagements after an ad airs on TV to the level of engagement in normal circumstances. So it’s not the highest raw number of engagements, but rather the increase.

So, what topped the charts? The Marks & Spencer Paddington ad, perhaps? Nope, that was ninth with a 64% lift.

How about the Boots ad, which many consider their favourite?

Close, but no cigar. It makes the podium, but its 141% lift is only good enough for second, just ahead of Tesco’s 120%.

So, what was number one?

That honour went to Aldi, and their Kevin the Carrot ad.

Kevin the Carrot also scored 86% for sentimentality, with nearly nine in every 10 tweets about the ad considered positive.

M&S was the only brand to top that, with 88%, while its 649,183 total interactions placed it top of the tree there too.

Top 10 ads by social lift:

1. Aldi – 152%

2. Boots – 141%

3. Tesco – 120%

4. Lidl – 100%

5. Sainsbury’s – 99%

6. Vodafone – 77%

7. Coca-Cola – 70%

8. Waitrose – 70%

9. Marks & Spencer – 64%

10. John Lewis – 54%

(Main image: Aldi)