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These are the 15 most in-demand single people in the UK

A lot of them live in London

These are the 15 most in-demand single people in the UK

If you’ve been single for an extended amount of time, you’ve probably caved and downloaded a dating app at some stage.

Whether or not you’ve been successful is another matter altogether, of course. We all know someone who has had a virtual drink thrown in their virtual face (or, indeed, a real one). For every couple that meets online and spends years together, there are a couple of single people who have nothing to show for their experience beyond a few terrible first dates.

It’s no big surprise that some people are more popular than others when it comes to online dating, and Business Insider have teamed up with dating app Happn to identify the country’s most eligible single people.

We might largely consider ourselves to be average-looking as a population, but there are some outliers.

Using data from the app, which shows who has crossed paths with you as you go about your day-to-day routine, they’ve found the 15 most ‘liked’ single people in the entire country - yes guys, these are the top dogs in the game, so see what lessons you can learn from them.

15. Jennifer Lottes, 37

A circus artist and Ricky Gervais fan, originally from the American Midwest, Lottes now lives in London.

14. Piotr Bartosiewicz, 32

Bartosiewicz is a London-based graphic designer and Richard Dawkins reader, originally from Szczuczyn, Poland.

13. Ian Powell, 28

A 28-year-old account director, still living in his hometown of Ascot, Powell has ambitions of going on a Virgin Galactic space flight.

12. Hannah Langford, 25

Langford, a junior assistant buyer from South-West London who lives in Wandsworth, can do a cracking rendition of Macy Gray’s ‘I Try’ at karaoke.

11. Gisele Gazolli, 29

A Brazilian journalist and PR professional, Gazolli speaks four languages and is currently based in London.

10. Timo Tuominen, 30

Tuominen is a Finnish software designer/artist, living in London, who can do a mean ‘Mr Brightside’.

9. Georgia Traher, 26

A Londoner who works as a PA and office manager, Traher says a good date “depends on the person, not the activity”.

8. Giuseppe Napoli, 25

Napoli is a social media analyst who moved to London from Venezuela, and who would love to be BFFs with Aziz Ansari.

7. Oscar May, 30

A photographer, now based in the capital but originally from the Isle of Wight, with a talent for breakdancing.

6. Hannah Lee, 24

The only Newcastle-based entry on the list, Lee works as a doctor and says Princess Diana would be her dream dinner guest.

5. Zlatko Nikoloski, 38

Nikoloski is an assistant professorial research fellow, a Londoner and a twin.

Calling New York and Rio de Janeiro her home, teppanyaki fan Shluger works in global business development for American Express in London.

3. Daniel Leuw, 36

An animal lover, Leuw is a Londoner who walks dogs for a living and dreams of traveling the world with a Pomeranian.

2. Jo Lorrimer, 29

Lorrimer is a make-up artist from London who claims to have “a super-extending long neck”.

1. Jamie Finch, 26

The most-liked person on Happn is a musician with an astrophysics qualification. Finch, like many of the others on this list, lives in London,

(Images: Happn)


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