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Moby's new politically charged song takes aim at Trump

"We don't need ruin and lies, your touch is death"

Moby's new politically charged song takes aim at Trump
19 January 2017

Many musicians have been asked to play Trump’s inauguration, and many have declined. A Bruce Springsteen covers band, X-Factor’s Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Church...all the greats.

Moby was also asked, but as well as saying “HAHAHAHAHA NO”, he also went one step further. As well as publicly shaming Trump in a series of recent Instagram posts asking him to release information on his tax returns in order to play the gig, the iconic DJ has now released a politically charged song and video, highlighting the current political unrest around the world and the villains behind it.

The title track from Moby and the Pacific Void Choir is called Erupt & Matter, and features statement lyrics such as “your power reign was sick and wrong, your time is done your time is gone” and “we don’t need ruin and lies/your touch is death, your heart despised.”

The intense video features cuts of Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter and Nigel Farage ordering a pint of tepid ale and some crisps or something very British along those lines, as well as a plethora of unruly protesters and police brutality.

"I don’t want to indulge in too much hyperbole, but the world is falling apart," Moby said in an interview with Mashable.

No shit, mate. 3 Doors Down are playing his inauguration. So as well as World War 3 on our hands we’ve also got those mediocre throwbacks to deal with.