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This mobile bar will deliver gin to your house, solve all your troubles

A gin and tonic please, driver

This mobile bar will deliver gin to your house, solve all your troubles
14 August 2017

What is the best spirit? It is gin, right, and you’re incorrect if you think otherwise. Gin is great, and a gin and tonic is even better – what a drink.

In fact, the only problem with gin is that you have to go out and buy it – like, put your actual shoes on and leave the house. It’s a fuss, a hassle, an utter inconvenience and I won’t stand for it anymore. I also do not have to stand for it anymore, thanks to The Wanderer, a mobile gin bar that will travel to you, eliminating the need for shoes.

The van, adapted from a classic Citroen NY, is chocka with a load of different types of gin, as well as the odd wine and ale, too. To hire it, all you’ll need is £1,500 for the van, £500 for the staff, ice and glassware and then somewhere for them to park, basically. So, not cheap, but worth it for the gin, oh so worth it.

Nick Whitby, a representative for the van, told The Metro:

“We get inundated with requests asking if we can provide our cocktails and drinks for their private celebrations, The Wanderer is perfect for this.

“The vehicle has been adapted to house a sleek bar but it also promises to deliver our highest standard of award winning cocktails and drinks no matter where the celebration is, up and down the country.”

It’s all being sponsored by Plymouth Gin (lovely stuff, in case you haven’t tried it), which is made in the UK’s oldest gin distillery – it’s got roots going back to 1793, so they must be doing something right.

This will all be music to the noses of hayfever sufferers, of course. It’s still ostensibly summer, and a great number of you lot will be still firmly riding the sneeze train all the way to September, but gin is the answer. According to Asthma UK, switching to clear spirits like gin or vodka in the summer can curb your snotty symptoms. 

Beer and cider – your classic summer drink – can make things worse in sufferers, and it’s all down to their fermentation process. They have a higher histamine content when compared to lovely old gin, which also doesn’t contain any sulphites, a group of compounds that’ll provoke your hayfever, as well as other conditions like asthma. 

So, a gin and tonic a day may well keep the doctor away. I mean, get yourself some proper anti-histamines, but if you are going to have a drink, make it a gin.

And get it from The Wanderer, obviously. So maybe start saving up for a day in the company of the greatest van in the country – chuck an email over to [email protected] for inquiries, and bless you.

(Images: The Wanderer/iStock)