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The cast for the 'Men In Black' reboot is starting to look very promising indeed

Liam Neeson has been confirmed to star

The cast for the 'Men In Black' reboot is starting to look very promising indeed
23 May 2018

Remember Men In Black? That film about those suit-wearing, sunglasses-having blokes defending the world from aliens? It was great, wasn’t it? Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith doing their thang, shooting monsters and zapping people’s memories - great stuff. And then there was those sequels! Yeah, maybe let’s not spend too long on the sequels.

But now: a reboot! Of course! They’re getting a new gang together and spinning a fresh yarn, whilst still maintaining the same world that was created by the first three films (so Will and Tommy will still exist, they just might not be present). How exciting.

Originally, Sony had the wack/amazing idea to combine the franchise with 21 Jump Street in what would have been a meta jamboree for the ages, but they (probably rightly) scrapped that idea, and have gone the spin-off route instead. Makes sense.

So far, we’ve had Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson already announced as two agents in the London division of the MIB. But who’s stepping into the UK equivalent of Rip Torn’s shoes, and heading up our Capital’s branch?

Well, Liam Neeson, of course. The Taken man (hands off, ladies) has been confirmed to star, under the direction of F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton and Fast & Furious 8) and mooted executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld (director of the original trilogy). 

The movie is looking for a May 2019 release, which is a long way to wait, but was just thinking, imagine if they zapped you with one of those memory-erasers the day before it was released? That would be handy, wouldn’t it? Like, if they did that, riiiiiiiiight NOW.

The movie hits cinemas tomorrow. Enjoy!

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