Men are more likely than women to use their phones on the toilet - but which apps do we go to?

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Carl Anka

Next time you borrow your mate’s phone, give it a quick rub down with a wet wipe first. Especially if your mate is a man.

According to a new study by the University of Oxford and University of Canberra, men love scrolling on their mobiles while on the toilet. 

Now, the study’s *main* focus was on why people avoid watching and consuming the news. The big headline total was of the 2,000 Australians featured in the study, more women (53%) than men (45%) find news can have a negative effect on their mood, so they avoid it, and that more men (18%) than women (11%) avoid news that can lead to arguments.

But things got interesting when the research examined *where* people looked at news, with 265 (26.5%) men saying they enjoy using their phone, tablet or laptop (seriously, where are you resting your laptop when pooping?) to read the news when they are on the toilet.

How much more? Well the figure for women is around 20%, so us men are a bit more, if not massively more into getting settled in and having a good browse.

This also leads us to the question, which app do you use most while sitting on the throne? For most of us here in the office it seems to be Instagram, but we want to know if that’s a wider trend. So tell us, what’s your go-to toilet app? 

Bonus points if you read this while sitting on the toilet, by the way.


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