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Meet the world’s largest Nerf gun

As they say, go hard or go foam.

Meet the world’s largest Nerf gun

On a scale of 1 to living room Rambo, how hard do you Nerf?

Chances are not as much as this guy, Mark Rober, NASA engineer by day and tinkerer by night, whose ongoing video series of science hacks sees rocket science mixed with playful curiosity.

Having already brought us a snowball gun, he’s now turned his attentions to the foam-ball firing variety, creating the LARGEST NERF GUN of all time. If that’s not enough to get your pulse racing there’s no hope for you.

Making the original Nerf N-Strike Maverick look like a peashooter, this 4ft version shoots its massive foam darts at approximately 40 mph using a 3,000 PSI air tank, making it capable of obliterating watermelons like Donald Trump does friends.

But who needs fruit when you have human targets? Watching Rober ambush some younger family members who think they're handy with their own Nerf weapons is a sight to be seen.

As they say, go hard or go foam.