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There’s one McDonald’s restaurant in England that’s owned by the Queen

Swan McMuffins, anyone?

There’s one McDonald’s restaurant in England that’s owned by the Queen

What’s the poshest restaurant you’ve seen in the UK?

Perhaps it’s one of the two named as the world’s best, or perhaps it’s one of those places that chucks gold leaf and rare truffles on everything.

You’ve probably already found out how posh you are, but what’s the guideline for restaurants?

Well, being technically owned by the actual Queen of England is probably up there – even if the restaurant in question is a branch of McDonald’s.

The Queen’s nugs

According to Business Insider, the fast food giant’s Banbury Gateway restaurant in Oxfordshire is located on royally-owned land, meaning the Queen legally has dibs on the location.

It is currently the only Maccy D’s on the Crown Estate, though the one in Slough used to also qualify before the land was sold off in 2016.

The restaurant is situated on a shopping park, which means, to the best of our knowledge, Her Royal Highness also owns a Starbucks, a Costa and a Poundland.

As for the fast food restaurant itself, it’s as state-of-the-art as they come: they have self-order kiosks – so the Queen doesn’t have to interact with the riff-raff if she stops by for a Filet-o-Fish – and even free-to-use Samsung tablets on the tables.

The Queen’s Big Mac meal

So, what’s on the menu at this branch? Swan burgers? A separate menu for Corgis?

Upsettingly, it just seems to have a regular menu.

Hopefully they at least call their quarter-pounder a ‘Royale With Cheese’. Geddit? Because it’s… ah never mind.

(Images: Rex Features)