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McDonald's launches TV channel

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McDonald's launches TV channel
Danielle de Wolfe
17 October 2011

If you ask us, there's one thing preventing McDonald's from being the perfect place to eat: all that damn conversation.

Who wants to spend their meal having to talk to their friends about their boring lives? Wouldn't it be much better if we could all just watch TV for the whole time instead?

Never fear, McDonald's are here to save the day. Again.

The fast food giant is launching McDonald's Television, which will feature content like entertainment news, advertising and restaurant-specific pieces, such as local news and a feature called "Mighty Moms", focusing on mothers who juggle it all.

It's already testing in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas, where it's expected to reach between 18 and 20 million people and could be across the entire US soon. With TV on demand continuing to steal away viewers from the networks, this form of advertising is an appealing proposition to brands as viewers literally can't escape.

McDonald's are now hoping that McTV doesn't end up on the same pile as McPasta, McPizza and McSoup (all actual things).

(Image: Rex Features)