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McDonald's is tinkering with the Big Mac formula

And we don't mean the secret sauce

McDonald's is tinkering with the Big Mac formula
27 April 2016

If you've ever eaten a Big Mac and thought: 'I wish this was either very slightly bigger or smaller' then we have very good news for you about your strangely specific desire.

McDonald's has announced that at 130 locations in America (in Ohio and Dallas, to be specific) they're currently trialing two new sizes of their signature burger. 

The larger Grand Mac will be made with a third pound of beef, while the Mac Jr. is a single layer version of your standard Big Mac. With McDonald's struggling to compete with increased competition from new burger chains (we're looking at you, Five Guys), you can expect them to mix up a number of classics to revive their falling profits. 

However, McDonalds UK has confirmed that there are currently no plans for the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr to appear on British menus for the time being, so you'll have to look elsewhere if you want to eat a third of a pound of burger this lunchtime. Or just buy two.