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Massive tuna costs record amount

Sumo-sized tuna ready for gobbling up

Massive tuna costs record amount
05 January 2012

If, like us, you thought tuna was only found in a tin, prepare to be befuddled. It actually comes from the sea! Who knew?

Well, apparently the Japanese did, because they regularly go to fish markets and buy them. And they’re not wee little fishes either – they’re great, big, elephantine whoopers.

Just this morning a Japanese restaurateur splashed out a not inconsiderable Y56.49 million (£472,038/$732,940) for one fish. The bluefin tuna weighed 269kg (593lb) and was bought at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market for the record amount.

Kiyoshi Kimura, president of Kiyomura Co., which runs the Sushi Zanmai chain of restaurants, bought the fish as a gift to the Japanese people (his words, not ours) after the troubles of the last year and he said he was determined not to let the fatty out of the country.

The fish will serve approximately 10,000 slices of sushi. No tins required.

Image: Rex