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Massive Spider-Man deal revealed: Spidey is heading to Disney Plus

Disney and Sony have agreed a big Spider-Man streaming plan.

Massive Spider-Man deal revealed: Spidey is heading to Disney Plus
Marc Chacksfield
22 April 2021

Ever since Spider-Man swung into the MCU in Captain America: Civil War, the web slinger has always had an strange relationship with the rest of the Avengers.

The rights of the character still belong to Sony so it was a special deal that got him into the MCU in the first place - the rest of the characters are owned outright by Marvel Studios, so Disney can do what they want with them - and now another special deal has been made to get all of Spidey's movies on to Disney Plus.

The two big studios have got together and come up with a a big streaming plan, one that involves both Netflix and Disney Plus.

According to the deal - which has been billed as 'unprecedented' - Disney Plus will have Sony’s entire 2022 to 2026 slate of films heading to Disney Plus once they have had their time on Netflix.

This slate of movies includes all Spider-Man films (and Venom and spin-offs) plus other big Sony properties such as Jumanji.

The deal is different to other deals Disney has made in the past. This one means that Netflix has first dibs on the movies (in industry speak this is a Pay 1 Window) then they will head to Disney Plus (in a Post Pay 1 Window).

It does mean that Disney Plus will be the place to have (nearly) all Marvel movies in one place, with just The Incredible Hulk missing as this is a Universal title. It also means that Sony isn't likely to create its own streaming service which is good news for those who are a little fed up of paying out for all these subscriptions.

As for the Spider-Man movies that are already here, it's a little unclear when we will see them on Disney Plus, but it's thought that we should see these movies pop on to the service sooner rather than later - June has been whispered but this will depend on current contracts to end.