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Marvel's Black Widow gets a big screen surprise before release

You'll want to see this one on the biggest screen possible.

Marvel's Black Widow gets a big screen surprise before release

Marvel's Black Widow is finally nearing release. The movie has been delayed numerous times thanks to Covid-19 scuppering Disney's plans but it's finally going to be released 9 July, both in theaters and through Disney Plus Premium Access.

While this is a boon for those not ready to go out and watch a movie in public, there is now a very good reason to go and see Black Widow on the biggest screen possible.

IMAX has revealed that a good chunk of the movie has been shot in its celebrated aspect ratio. IMAX movies shot in that native resolution are always a joy to watch. Director Christopher Nolan is a big fan of IMAX, using the 70mm cameras to shoot key scenes of his films.

The likes of Tenet, Dunkirk, Interstellar, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises all had IMAX-shot scenes, including the brilliant bank robbery opener in The Dark Knight, Bane's plane heist in Rises. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol also made use of the cameras.

Marvel also holds the record when it comes to shooting for IMAX. Both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame were shot entirely on IMAX cameras.

IMAX with its 18K resolution - compared to most TV's 4K - isn't messing about.

It seems fitting then that the next big Marvel outing, Black Widow, has also been shot in the format with 22 minutes of select scenes in expanded aspect ratio.

This expanded aspect ratio equates to around 26% extra space in the scene, which means if you want to see ALL of Black Widow, then heading to an IMAX theater is certainly the way to go.

Obviously, there are very good reasons why many will opt to watch Black Widow when its released 9 July through Disney Plus - but we're hoping this is one IMAX-ready movie that will run and run for years to come.