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Marvel reveals all about Daredevil's fantastic TV return

Daredevil is back bashing skulls but he's now got a lighter side.

Marvel reveals all about Daredevil's fantastic TV return
Marc Chacksfield
07 October 2022

Anyone who caught the most recent episode of She-Hulk will know that Daredevil is back. After being teased some three episodes ago, we finally got to see the blind superhero in and out of costume.

If you haven't caught up with She-Hulk yet, then maybe don't read on as there are spoilers within... still here? Good stuff.

His debut in She-Hulk marks the first time we have seen Daredevil, in costume at least, since the Netflix TV show - the rights of which reverted back to Marvel earlier this year.

Tonally, it was always going to be interesting how Daredevil would fit into the She-Hulk TV show, which is pretty much a comedy.

But the writers managed it, making Matt Murdock charming and wise cracking, while still keeping in some of the ferocity of the fight scenes.

They even teased a little bit of Daredevil's theme tune, which was a nice nod to the original show.

Marvel explains all about Daredevil's fantastic TV return

In a new interview, on Marvel's official site, head writer Jessica Gao explains the angle they decided to take with having the superhero cameo in She-Hulk.

“It just made so much sense that he would be on this show because both he and Jen are lawyers by day, Super Heroes outside of the office, even though Jen is doing it reluctantly.

"What better character to kind of show how this struggle she's having is possible?," said Gao.

As for them both getting together, Gao notes that she wanted an old-school feel to the attraction.

“I really wanted their dynamic to have this kind of Howard Hawks, very quick back and forth where they're attracted to each other, but they have to kind of poke and prod at each other," said Gao.

"They're not just coming out and saying it. At least not to each other— ‘Hey, I'm into you.’”

Jennifer's show

While a good chunk of the episode is dedicated to Daredevil, including more fighting than we have come to expect from the series, Gao says that they were always mindful that this isn't his show, but Jennifer's.

This is shown in a scene that is reminiscent of one of the most famous ones from the previous Daredevil show - the one-take hallway fight, which is cut short this time around with She-Hulk collapsing through the floor.

“We have to keep reminding people that this is Jen's show, this is She-Hulk's show,” says Gao.

“Everything in the show is like, how can we either subvert a trope or defy expectations or ground something in funny reality. That's kind of the ethos of the show.

"So of course, it was just natural for this show, being so meta, that we would acknowledge and tease the classic Daredevil hallway fight. But then, of course, we would have to undercut it with our girl, She-Hulk.”

She-Hulk is available to stream now on Disney Plus - its final episode airs 12 October.

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