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Mark Zuckerberg has a special 'yellow' version of Facebook on his phone

And he accidentally showed off a bunch of features coming to Facebook soon

Mark Zuckerberg has a special 'yellow' version of Facebook on his phone

No, it's not a special Simpsons theme.

Announcing new additions to Facebook's Live Video features, Mark "I'm Not a Supervillain" Zuckerberg took to his video platform to show off just what we'll be able to broadcast and post. He also gave a sneaky insight into how he accesses his social network himself - via a secretive 'Yellow' version of its app.

The Yellow app is an internal build used by Facebook's developers and engineers to test out experimental features that are in the pipeline for wider release. 

Zuckerberg uses the Yellow app to show off the new Live tab that will be arriving on the mobile version of the app very soon - demonstrating all the video content that Facebook users have been posting so far. 

But then, Zuckerberg appears to get a bit ahead of himself and show off a new 'What's on your mind?' menu at the top of the News Feed section. On tapping this, Zuckerberg inadvertently shows off a bunch of features that Facebook is yet to announce...

In addition to posting 'Live Video', there's 'Slideshow' - which we'd guess involves posting several related images or pieces of content, 'Gif' - a format that has been supported by Facebook since last year, but which is yet to get its own button, and most intriguing of all, 'Music'.

Facebook doesn't currently have a bespoke music player in its arsenal, but it's been rumoured that one has been in development for some time.

"You might have seen some stuff in there that we're just playing around with and testing," says Zuckerberg. "Not everything in there is going to launch, some of it will over time. But the live stuff is going to be rolling out soon!..."

You can check out the full demo below. We'll see you in live videos very soon. We've got some great tea-making skills we've been keen to show the world...

(Image: Rex)

[Via: Business Insider]