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A Man Utd fan found this terrifying advice sheet in his Russian hotel room

Not what you want to find on your bedside table

A Man Utd fan found this terrifying advice sheet in his Russian hotel room
15 March 2017

What little extras do you expect to find when you check into a hotel and open the door to your room for the next few nights?

Tiny little bottles of all-in-one hair and body wash that sting the skin on your face and bollocks? A small shortbread-type biscuit resting on your bedside table? Tea and coffee making facilities?

If you’re really lucky, perhaps even all of the above, but certainly not this...


But that’s exactly what one committed Manchester United found when he entered his hotel room in Rostov, Russia.

Die hard United fan Matt had traveled to Russia to watch his team’s game with FC Rostov on Thursday, but upon entering his hotel room he found this creepy advice sheet.

The note details what guests should do in the event that they find themselves being kidnapped and held to ransom – not really a situation you’d want to find yourself in whilst on a little jaunt to Russia.

The helpful note reads: "While kidnapping do not resist. Execute the initial orders of terrorists. They can be people with unhealthy state of mind and behave unpredictable.

"Try to get into a contact with terrorists / Try to keep in mind how they look like, their habits, how and with whom they speak to.”

Sage advice, we’re sure you’ll agree.

However, in spite of the somewhat off-putting note, Matt insists on Twitter that although the hotel is very run down he’s not seen any trouble.


Still though, Matt – rather you than us.