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Man tries to rob store with tongs

Fails miserably

Man tries to rob store with tongs

We all react differently to arguments with our partners. Maybe you'll kick a wall and stub your toe, maybe you'll get obscenely drunk and send mournful texts or maybe you'll rob a store with a pair of tongs.

Yeah, we haven't done that last one either and looking at the success, or rather lack of, that Renee Jackson had, we probably never will. The Arkansas man had a blazing row with his wife and decided to teach her and their kids a lesson once and for all.

He would attempt to rob a shop with a pair of hot dog tongs and be sent to prison to teach them how hard life would be without him and to respect him more. Yes, he was also obscenely drunk.

His request for cash was unsurprisingly shrugged off by a bemused assistant so he waited outside for the cops to pick him up. Hell, we're starting to feel sorry for the guy. He now faces two counts of attempted aggravated robbery.

Bet they respect him now though, huh?