This man tracked almost everything he did for a whole year, and it's fascinating

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Gary Ogden

Imagine all the small things you do every day – every movie you watch, every time you have a poo (not small), every time you have sex (definitely small) – and then analysed all the data.

What would that say about you as a person? Quite a lot probably, but luckily you’ll probably never find that out because it’s quite a lot of effort to record it all. Way too much in fact – I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner yesterday, let alone how many gigs I went to last year.

However, (trailer voice) ONE MAN has dared to be different. A 28-year-old Reddit user that goes by the name jjchap4317 did exactly that – he tracked almost everything significant that he did for a whole year, and then turned it into a bunch of graphs. The results are absolutely fascinating.

There’s not much more to say about it really – check out the charts below:

*A word of warning: Hall & Oates not being on list of Best Shows does lead us to question the accuracy of the measurements.*


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