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Man sues uncle over unflattering Facebook photo

Yes, this actually happened

Man sues uncle over unflattering Facebook photo

Being tagged in a bad photo on Facebook is never an ideal situation. Capturing that one moment when your sweaty forehead, lazy eye and protuding snaggletooth manage to work in unison to make you look awful is a depressing visual experience.

Most people would just employ a swift de-tag and move on. Aaron Olson is not most people.

His uncle, the extravagantly named Randall LaBrie, posted up some childhood photos that Olson didn't like. So the incredibly thin-skinned Minnesota resident decided to file a lawsuit against him. The particular photograph that caused the most distress included "Olson posing in front of a Christmas tree." Sounds horrific.

His evil uncle even dared to make some "mean comments" underneath the image. When Olson confronted him, he agreed to remove the tag but then scandalously suggested that his nephew "should stay off Facebook."

Unsurprisingly, the district court threw the request for a harassment restraining order out. Unperturbed, and quite possibly rather deluded, Olson went to the Court of Appeals who also gave him no love.

The court claimed “comments that are mean and disrespectful, coupled with innocuous family photos, do not affect a person’s safety, security, or privacy…”

Looks like Christmas is going to be awkward in the Olson household this year...

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(Image: Rex Features)