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Man robs same bank three days in a row

The OCD bank robber

Man robs same bank three days in a row
29 September 2011

Now, for aspiring bank robbers, we imagine there's a certain unspoken check-list of things you should and shouldn't do.

For 29-year-old New Jersey resident Chris Burnett, we think he might have got the words should and shouldn't confused.

On Monday morning, he pushed his way to the front of the queue at a Manhattan bank and handed a note to the teller to say that he had a gun and wanted some cash. On paper, it sounds like a good start. On the security camera, not so much. Burnett had failed to wear any disguise but wore gloves. That morning he only made $2,258.

The next morning, rather than spending his money on a trip to Mexico and a new look, Burnett decided to head back to the same bank for more. This time he made around $14,000.

The bank noticed they had a fan and sent security camera images of Burnett to the police and local papers. The next day, with all the staff and local authorities familiar with his face, he returned to rob the bank again. This time he made $10,002 but didn't make it very far before he was caught.

Oh but at least he wore gloves...

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(Images: Rex Features, NYPD)