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Watch this man rescue a dog by punching a kangaroo in the face

Probably the most Australian thing you'll ever see

Watch this man rescue a dog by punching a kangaroo in the face

A kangaroo gets your dog in a chokehold, so you punch it in the face. Only the most Australian thing to ever happen.

It’s probably one of the weirdest scenarios we’ve heard of, but while on a ‘final’ hog-hunt (a thing) for Kailem, a young man dying of cancer, the man known only as ‘Goo’ had to confront the kangaroo assaulting one of the dogs.

Mathew Amor, trip organiser, caught the altercation on tape while filming the entire trip as a memory for Kailem’s family.

Goo has kept quiet since the video went viral because he is a zookeeper at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, who “are working with Mr Tonkins to understand the exact circumstances of the event and will consider any appropriate action.”

Amor told “My mate only stunned it. His hand was OK, he didn’t hit it very hard at all. It was funny because the guy who did it is the most placid bloke. We laughed at him for chucking such a sh*t punch.”

And in case you were wondering, the dog is totally fine thanks to the chest plate it was wearing to protect it from hog tusks.

Only in Australia, right?