Man makes indestructible watermelon, drops it from 150ft

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Chris Sayer

If you’re a guy that struggles on a daily basis with a spider web-shattered iPhone screen, you’ll want to see this.

A troupe of Aussie trickshotsters, more commonly known as YouTube’s How Ridiculous, have proven that there’s no reason Apple devices need to smash into a billion shards when they fall out of your pocket by combining a watermelon, a 150ft drop and one very special ingredient.

Coating the head-sized fruit in something called Line-X, which is more commonly used by burly pickup truck drivers to protect the bed of their vehicles from wear and tear, the brotastic Antipodeans climbed to the top of a huge tower, lobbed the thing over the side and discovered that … well, just watch.

See that, Jony Ive? See how the damn thing just bounced? See how it’s not going to cost anyone a week’s wages to fix it? See how nobody has to spend ten minutes squinting to read a text message? See how nobody is crying? 

That special Apple announcement on 7 September better have the words “indestructible, like a watermelon coated in Line-X” in it. 


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Chris Sayer

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