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Man insults Thai king in texts, gets 20 years in jail

WTF :(

Man insults Thai king in texts, gets 20 years in jail
24 November 2011

We've all sent texts with potentially defamatory content. C'mon, don't pretend you haven't.

Chances are, you've probably said a bad word about the royal family once or twice. Maybe during a certain wedding this year? Well, while we live in a country that allows freedom of text speech, things aren't so open in Thailand.

Take the story of poor truck driver Ampon Tangnoppakul, who allegedly sent four texts that were mean about King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his family. Not to anyone in the royal family mind, but in Thailand, you get harsh treatment nonetheless.

He's been handed a 20 year prison sentence, despite denying the texts. It works out as 5 years per text.

He claims that he doesn't even know how to send text messages. Yh rite lol. Maybe he did them in his sleep...

(Image: Rex Features)